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March 19, 2013

EARTH HOUR COUNTDOWN: One Planet Living's 10 Top Tips for Changing How We Travel to Help the Earth

As we continue our countdown to Earth Hour on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 8:30 p.m., here are some tips for reducing your ecological footprint while traveling.

One Planet Living’s 10 Top Tips for Changing How We Travel to Help the Earth
  1. save money by reducing car use, especially for short journeys (eg less than 3 km)
  2. walk and cycle more - it’s free!
  3. avoid unnecessary travel - is that meeting really necessary, or can it be done over the phone/internet?
  4. use public transport instead of the car - keeping a car is a huge drain on the household budget even before you start the engine
  5. car share if driving is unavoidable - it will halve costs, as well as halving your carbon footprint
  6. buy the smallest car that fits your needs - It will be cheaper to run, cheaper to tax, cheaper to insure as well as being more environmentally friendly
  7. switch off your engine while stationary - you will save on fuel costs as well as CO2 emissions
  8.  take holidays closer to home - a local holiday could be a lot cheaper and less stressful, and avoids lengthy waits at airport check-in and security
  9.  fly less, avoiding short haul flights (less than 500km) wherever possible
  10. offset your flight emissions if air travel is unavoidable
Are you interested in doing more to help? Click here to take the One Planet Challenge! Their calculator will measure your ecological footprint and carbon emissions and provide you with a personalized action plan packed with practical things you can do to achieve One Planet Living and make it easier for you to shrink your footprint.