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December 21, 2012

Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.
To your family from ours, the warmest of wishes this Christmas. May you have a safe and warm holiday full of wonderful memories.


And all the best in 2013!
Tips and Tricks for a Stress Free Holiday
Are you getting overwhelmed with Christmas just around the corner? Here are some tips to finish off the rest of your holiday preparations.
1. Think Small for your decor, if you haven't decorated yet, think on the smaller scale, perhaps purchase a small potted evergreen, adding a warm and live touch to your holiday decor.
2. Finish your gift wrapping, and while finishing off wrapping your gifts for all of your loved ones, leave off the bows and ribbons. Opting out of these items allows gifts to be more easily stacked, and makes for less stress in transport.
3. Keep some universal gifts on hand. Be it a bottle of sparkling wine, or a box of lovely chocolates, having some small holiday tokens on hand will be a wonderful gesture to those unexpected holiday guests.
4. Make space in advance. Take this weekend to clear out your front hall closet. Not only will you feel as though you have tackled a major organization project in your home. but you will also now have room to house all of the coats that your Christmas guests bring. If you don't have time to do a full overhaul, remember a bed is always a great spot to leave your guests items in a crunch.
5. Tackle your to-do's with friends. Be it wrapping your last gifts, or baking some last minute goodies, a few friends, a bottle of wine, and some laughter makes these holiday tasks all that much more enjoyable.
~Wishing you the very best this holiday Season.


December 10, 2012

Searching for a Few Delicious Recipes to Serve Your Friends & Family Over the Holidays?

Sarah Carey from EveryDay Food has tips for making the perfect pie crust, adding a twist to your traditional turkey recipe and keeping it simple with pork roast.

November 26, 2012

Shower in Luxury with the Halo™ Rainshower from Moen

Often it's the little things that make the biggest impact.

If you're planning to renovate your bathroom in 2013, you can make it a sanctuary of relaxation with the help of Moen's newest shower head, the Halo™.

The Halo™ showerhead delivers a truly luxurious rainshower experience. In addition to three spray settings, it has a unique pivoting outer ring so you can customize your showering experience with up to 60% more coverage than a standard rainshower.

Its clean and modern design makes a style statement in any bathroom.

Product features:
  • chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look
  • 9" diameter rainshower 
  • three–function deep massage; full rainshower; relaxing massage
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • pivots to increase coverage up to 60%
  • for full product details, click here.

November 22, 2012

Mixing Patterns: Amanda's Favourite Design Trend for 2013

"One of the newest and hottest design trends hitting the design world is the mixing and matching of colours and patterns," says Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre designer Amanda Willson-Suppa.

"No longer do you have to pick one pattern and have it be the feature and focal point of your space. Now you can pick three patterns and solid colours to create the look and feel you want in your home."

Less is most definitely not more.
"The rules of years gone by are gone," explains Amanda. "Be daring and pick what you like to make the space your own. Think about placing an upholstered chair with a Moroccan print next to a pinstriped settee."

"This kitchen from House Beautiful illustrates the point perfectly. The blues are bright and fun, the space can be classical and yet still have your personality built in."

Looking for some kitchen or bath design inspiration? We'd be happy to help. Drop by the Monarch showroom and speak with one of our designers, or call 905-686-2001 to arrange a consultation.
Photo courtesy of

November 16, 2012

SHOWER OUT LOUD with the Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker from Kohler

From Kohler:

"The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker deliver up to 7 hours of music, news and more by pairing wirelessly with your device enabled with Bluetooth® technology. Just you  + water + clean, clear sound.

Not to be upstaged, the spray face features 60 angled nozzles that deliver the full, enveloping spray you've come to expect from a Kohler showerhead. 

Sync your device enabled with Bluetooth® technology with the wireless speaker from up to 32 feet away, and invite your playlist, podcast or live broadcast into the shower. Plus you can take your music with you anywhere. The Moxie speaker plays wirelessly in or out of the shower, so you can charge it up to use in the kitchen or take to the beach." 

November 14, 2012

Spruce Up Your Kitchen In Time for the Holidays

Do you dread celebrating another Christmas in your outdated kitchen?
Don't despair! There is still time to give your kitchen a face lift before having your family and friends over during the holidays.

A new look may be all you need to love your kitchen again.
Imagine how much a new countertop and back splash would change the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Not quite sure what you're looking for? Drop by our showroom for some design inspiration. 

"Receiving new samples for the showroom is always exciting. It gets the creative juices flowing," says Monarch designer Marion Cuddie. "Our recent delivery of Caesarstone's newest quartz counter samples was no exception."

Photo Courtesy of (Classico collection: Cement)
"Our designers were all experimenting with cabinet colours and the new samples to come up with beautiful new combinations to propose to our clients," says Marion. "If you are thinking about sprucing up your kitchen with a new countertop before Christmas, you will definitely want to see the new Caesarstone colours and take advantage of our countertop/back splash promotion. Any one of our designers will be happy to help you with the details."

Book with Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Now and Save
When you purchase any solid surface countertop for your kitchen between now and December 31st, 2012, receive up to 30 sq. ft. of back splash at no cost. (Valued at up to $10 per sq. ft. Installation not included.)

For more details, drop by our Pickering showroom or call 905-686-2001.

November 9, 2012

Introducing Fitch from Sarana Tile -- The Tile of Choice for Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, Kitchens and More

Monarch Kitchen and Bath designers are still drooling over the hundreds of gorgeous tile samples Sarana Tile dropped off over the summer.

Sarana Tile imports a large selection of natural stone, porcelain, glass, and mosaic products from their suppliers in Europe and around the world. Perfect for your kitchen back splash or any flooring project, Sarana tiles are available in a variety of price ranges and their selection will blow you away,

The newest Sarana Tile sample in Monarch's showroom is Fitch, a porcelain tile which is similar in colour and texture to slate but comes without the high cost and added maintenance. And because it's not as likely to chip, this beautiful textured tile makes an ideal flooring choice for mudrooms, entryways, laundry rooms and kitchens. 

Are you looking for the perfect tile for your kitchen or bath renovation? Drop by our showroom at 1020 Brock Road, Unit 6, Pickering. For more information, contact our office at 905-686-2001.

November 6, 2012

NKBA Members Weigh In on The Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2012

In the next few weeks, Monarch designers will be discussing their favourite kitchen and bath design trends for 2013. Before we look forward, let's take a look back at what materials and products NKBA professionals were using during the final months of 2011.

In NKBA’s Winter 2012 newsletter, writer Timothy Captain summarizes the results of the 2012 NKBA Design Trends Survey. Over 350 NKBA member designers participated in the survey, citing the materials, product types, and styles they incorporated into their kitchen and bath designs over the last three months of 2011.

“Their responses provide insight into design trends that will take hold in the kitchen and bath market in 2012,” writes Captain.

Here are some highlights from NKBA’s Kitchen and Bath Style Report:

Cherry Wood in Decline
  • Although 80% of NKBA member kitchen designers had recently specified cherry cabinetry as 2010 approached, that figure dropped to 72% last year and fell again to 69% heading into 2012.
  • No one other wood species is taking that market share on its own, as even maple dropped in popularity this year, falling from 77% last year to 70% now.
  • Lesser-used woods are now being specified more often include oak, (22%); walnut (13%); birch (15%); and bamboo (10%). While alder is currently specified by 27% of kitchen designers, that figure is down from 30% last year and from 40% two years ago.
Darker Finishes
  • Natural kitchen cabinetry continues a steady move toward darker finishes. While light natural finishes have been recently specified by 30% of kitchen designers, medium natural finishes stand at 55%, with dark natural finishes at 58%.
  • Among painted cabinetry, white continues to be the most popular option (59%), while other colors were specified by only 38% of designers.
  • Distressed finishes are making a comeback. Up from 5% to 22% in the past year.
Glass Backsplashes
  • More than half of kitchen designers used glass as a backsplash material, rising from 41% a year ago to 52% now. This trails only natural stone tile at 60% and ceramic tile (including porcelain), which has been specified of late by some 74% of designers.
  • Ceramic tile backsplashes are on the decline, as they stood at 78% a year ago and 88% two years ago.
  • Other popular backsplash materials are granite at 30% and quartz at 20%. The popularity of these materials as backsplashes is due to their high use as countertop materials.
LED Lighting
  • LED lighting was specified by 70% of NKBA member kitchen designers, up from 50% in 2010.
  • The use of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which use roughly a quarter the energy of an incandescent bulb while producing the same amount of light, has dropped to 36% (from 26% in 2010). The drop is believed to be a result of the poor color of the light they produce and the presence of mercury in the bulbs.
Pull-Out Faucets
  • The use of pull-out faucets has increased from 88% to 93% in the past three years. In other words, 14 of out every 15 designers who designed a kitchen over the final three months of 2011 incorporated a pull-out faucet.
Medicine Cabinets
  • Practicality has won out and medicine cabinets are making a comeback. After being specified by 43% of NKBA member bathroom designers leading into 2010, medicine cabinets dropped to 36% last year. However, as designers entered 2012, some 66% had recently incorporated a medicine cabinet into a bathroom remodel.
Transitional Over Traditional
“For the first time since the NKBA began tracking annual design trends, traditional is no longer the most popular type of design,” writes Captain. “In both the kitchen and the bathroom, transitional is now the most common style. While the traditional style has consistently been used by roughly three quarters of NKBA member designers in both the kitchen and the bath, that figure fell to 58% in kitchens and 59% in bathrooms this year.

"Contemporary is the next most common style, up 5% to 52% in kitchens and up 10% to 53% in bathrooms from a year ago. Shaker, arts and crafts, and cottage remain the next most frequently used styles.”
Solid Surfaces
  • The use of solid surfaces in the kitchen had continued to rise, up from 11% in 2010 to 30% of designers for use in kitchens.
  • Granite (91% for kitchens; 71% for bathrooms) and quartz (69% for kitchens; 53% for bathrooms) continue to be the top two choices/
  • Marble is currently the third most popular vanity top material at 41%, up 3% from a year ago. The use of glass vanity tops has more than doubled over the past two years, from 5% heading into 2010 to 11% today.
Shades of Gray
  • Designers chose gray as the color scheme of choice in 33% of their kitchen redesigns and 40% of their bathroom remodels.
  • Whites and off-whites continue to be the most popular color schemes for both the kitchen and bathroom, followed by beiges and bones. Brown is the third most popular color in kitchens and the fourth most popular in bathrooms, just behind gray.
  • In the kitchen, bronzes/terracottas have risen over the past two years from 20% to 25% to 31%, while greens have increased from 18% two years ago to 32% today.
Polished Chrome is Back
  • In the kitchen, polished chrome has recently been specified by 52% of NKBA member designers, while in the bathroom, its use has increased from 46% to 65% over the past year. At the same time, polished nickel is up from 17% to 25% in kitchens and from 28% to 32% in bathrooms.
  • The use of stainless steel rose slightly from 46% to 50% in the kitchen and increased significantly from 16% to 28% in the bathroom. Bronze finishes, although popular, dipped a bit from a year ago, falling from 49% to 41% in kitchens, while their use remained flat at 41% in bathrooms.
To read the entire 2012 Kitchen & Bath Style Report, click here.

November 2, 2012

From Drab to Fab: Follow this Master Suite Makeover!

Are you guilty of spoiling friends and loved ones before treating yourself to something special?
If you don't think you are -- think again -- but this time, consider how you decorate your own home.

Often we overlook the areas of our home that only we see, choosing to spend our decorating and design dollars on updating the rooms where we entertain our guests.

Does this make sense?

We spend more than eight hours each day in our bedrooms and master bathrooms, and yet they are usually the most overlooked and under-decorated rooms in a home.

This was the case in our client's 4,500 sq.ft. Pickering home. The tired and out-of-date master suite was just that, and it was time for a makeover.

Their current bathroom features a tiny 30x30-inch closed-in box-style shower; a huge vanity with only one sink; tired wallpaper; and an outdated Jacuzzi-style tub that is lacking in the energy-efficiency department. To top it all off, the stairs into the tub are carpeted.

The team at Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre has undertaken this master suite renovation, and no dream is being overlooked.

The new bath design will include:
  • a 4x4-foot glass shower enclosure with GROHE flow-wise fixtures;
  • a luxury MAAX soaker tub;
  • an updated vanity which will include two sinks and functional storage;
  • more energy efficient and stylish lighting fixtures.
Make sure you check back soon to see the stunning results of this master suite makeover.

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Monarch! Looking for Scary Kitchen and Bath Renovation Stories? You Won't Find Any Here

A review by Shawn Fryer of Toronto, posted October 21, 2012 on HomeStars.
The excellent staff at Monarch gave us the best quality of service from the time we walked in the door to the time the job was finished. We received a great design, honest and frequent communication and great care to meet our needs in a timely manner. Kevin, Neil, Melissa, Kelly, Rick, Clint, and Roland were all friendly, informative, and efficient, leaving no detail too small. I would highly recommend Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre to anyone who wants a company with integrity, creativity, and great customer service. Thank you for helping to make our home more beautiful.

October 26, 2012

Benjamin Moore and Cambria Join Forces to Take the Guesswork Out of Paint Selection

Your kitchen or bath renovation is complete, your appliances have been delivered and you're ready for the final step: choosing the perfect paint colour to tie all of the elements of your new space together. If you're finding it a difficult task, you're not alone. 

Cambria, a leader in quartz countertop design, has partnered with Benjamin Moore to simplify the final stage of the kitchen or bath design process.

The perfect tool for homeowners and designers alike, every Cambria design has been meticulously paired with four complementary Benjamin Moore colors.

By using the interactive paint match tool on Cambria's website, you will instantly get a better sense of how each Benjamin Moore paint color plays against the shades, movement and colors inherent in your favorite Cambria designs.

Image courtesy of
From Benjamin Moore:
"Cambria and Benjamin Moore have joined forces to make designer color selection easy. Benjamin Moore's design experts have paired four wall covering shades to every Cambria design, allowing you to match your Cambria designs to paint colors that are as rich and beautiful as the countertops themselves.

Now with more than 100 designs to choose from, Cambria is the industry leader in quartz countertops. Cambria and Benjamin Moore share the same deep commitment to quality and color innovation, with a constant and consistent focus on future design trends."

October 23, 2012

Refresh the Look of Your Kitchen Before Christmas: Book Now and Save

There's no avoiding it. No matter how you try to steer people out of your kitchen, as the heart of the home, it is where guests feel the most comfortable.

If you're dreading the idea of celebrating another Christmas in your outdated kitchen, don't despair! There is still time to give your kitchen a face lift before having your family and friends over during the holidays.

Give Yourself the Gift of a New Countertop and Backsplash
Imagine how much a new countertop and backsplash would change the overall look and feel of your kitchen. A new look may be all you need to love your kitchen again, so give the designers at Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre a chance to refresh your space in time for the holidays.

Book with Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Now and Save

When you purchase any solid surface countertop for your kitchen between now and December 31st, 2012, receive up to 30 sq. ft. of backsplash at no cost. (Valued at up to $10 per sq. ft. Installation not included.)

For more details, drop by our Pickering showroom or call 905-686-2001. 

October 17, 2012

What's Monarch's Secret to a Stress-Free Kitchen or Bath Renovation?

At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, we understand that major renovations -- particularly those which involve the kitchen area -- involve a large amount of upheaval and stress.

We've found that o
ne of the largest stress factors for homeowners during a renovation is dust management. In other words, finding a way to keep the dust generated during the tear down and rebuilding process confined to the space. 

Our team works hard to alleviate as much of your stress as possible. In the picture below, you'll notice we have completely encapsulated the renovation area: all doorways leading out of the kitchen are closed off and all cold air returns blocked.

If you look at the opening on the left, you will see a zippered door which allows the homeowners access to their living room and temporary kitchen in the dining room.

Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre uses zippered plastic "doors"
to keep renovation dust from spreading throughout your home.
Another zippered door (not pictured) closes off the space and restricts access to the upper level; this ensures dust does not enter the sleeping areas of the home.

This dust management system has proven very effective in keeping the dust particles within the work area, and minimizes the effects on the rest of the home.

“We now do this for every renovation project that we undertake," says Monarch president Neil Samson. "We care about your home and your well being." 

Are you considering a kitchen or bath renovation? Visit our new website at to learn more, or call 905-686-2001.

October 16, 2012

Addressing the Need for Kitchen and Bathroom Design Solutions for "Aging in Place"

As the "baby boomer" generation approaches the age of retirement, their need to downsize or retrofit their existing homes has become a priority.

Lessons learned from watching their own parents deal with the challenges of getting older and finding a safe place to live has no doubt inspired the "aging in place" movement.
From the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC): Impacts of the Aging of the Canadian Population on Housing and Communities
(2008) [Research Highlight]

“There will be profound changes in the age structure of the Canadian population over the next 25 years. These changes will transform our communities and significantly affect housing. Population aging is taking place in a society that is being reshaped by a range of remarkable demographic and socio-economic trends. These include changes in family size and structure, increasing numbers of immigrants with family traditions very different from those of earlier generations, a growing number of persons living alone and new urban dynamics with increased concern for sustainability in the face of urban sprawl.

Other significant trends include the intent of many of today’s near retirees to continue working beyond the traditional retirement age, the increasing participation by women in the workforce and the tendency of young adults to stay longer in their parents’ homes.

An aging population will change the pattern of housing needs and preferences, alter the nature of the demand for services, change transportation requirements, accentuate the need for making communities more responsive to people with disabilities and challenge existing neighbourhood design and community planning practices.

The increasing desire of seniors to “age in place” (that is, to continue to live in their current home and familiar community for as long as possible, even if their health changes) will have major policy implications for housing and communities. It will create a need for housing adaptations and other supports; for more innovative housing options; and for planning and zoning changes.”
At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, we understand the challenges involved in designing a home which allows you to "age in place." Kitchen and bath suppliers such as Kohler do, as well.

Below are two videos which illustrate some of the options available to help you live safely in your home for as long as possible. If you're considering renovating your home as you age in place, drop by our Pickering showroom or make an appointment with a member of our design team by calling 905-686-2001.

October 11, 2012

Looking for Some Kitchen Design Inspiration? Tour House Beautiful's 2012 Kitchen of the Year

Designer Mick De Giulio takes us on a tour of his winning kitchen design in House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year, on display in New York City's Rockefeller Center.

While your kitchen may not be this spacious -- or your budget this flexible  -- watching videos like these are the perfect way to find those "can't live without" items or ideas you can incorporate into your new kitchen design.

Mr. De Gioulio's philosophy for creating his winning kitchen design reminded us of our own:

"The thing I want people to take away from this kitchen is the idea of liveablity. If you have  a great space to work in...a great space to live in...that's everything," explains Mr. De Giulio. "Because people, no matter how you try to redirect them to other rooms in the house, they end up in the kitchen. So why not have a great kitchen to live in?"

Drop by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre's Pickering showroom today. Explore our kitchen design displays and speak with one of our experienced designers to learn more about making your kitchen design dreams a reality.

October 4, 2012

Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre's Latest Design Success --

Visit the Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre website at

As a company whose primary focus is helping our clients' look good, we fell a bit behind in following our own design advice!

This week, we launched our newly "renovated" website at If you haven't stopped by for a while, please take a few minutes to check out our new look and peruse the updated pictures and profiles of our design team.

If you're thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation, you'll want to take some time to go through our image galleries -- their chock full of beautifully transformed spaces.

If you're unsure of how the entire design process works, our FAQ section will help you to understand how your renovation will proceed. And if you have a question that the content on our site doesn't answer, you can fill out our "Ask a Question" form and someone on our design team will get back to you quickly.

Of course, as happy as we are with our new website, there is no substitute for discussing your design needs in person.

To discover how Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre can make your renovation dreams a reality, visit our Pickering showroom at 1020 Brock Road, Unit 6, Pickering; or call us at 905-686-2001.

October 2, 2012

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure Raises over $30 million

This past Sunday, Kelly Fonseca of Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre participated in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. We were proud to support Kelly in her Run for the Cure.

Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
To everyone who donated, thank you for making this year’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure another truly inspirational day and for helping us work towards our vision of creating a future without breast cancer.

Thanks to your commitment and support, over $30 million was raised across Canada for relevant breast cancer research, risk reduction, education, community care and advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of Canadians affected by breast cancer.
We hope you join us again on Sunday, October 6, 2013,
Deb Dubenofsky Signature 2012
Deborah Dubenofsky
Chair, National Board of Director
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

September 28, 2012

It's All About the Details in This Bold Modern Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

A sleek stainless steel faucet sets the tone in this modern kitchen
designed by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre.

This glass kitchen countertop blends functionality with art.

Stainless steel door frames and pulls offer sleek, modern lines in this kitchen
designed by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre.

Simple black door pulls do the job while making a statement in simplicity.

Lots of drawers -- the best kind of kitchen storage!
The red accent on the wall and flooring completes the masterpiece!
Kitchen design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre.

September 25, 2012

More Before and After Pictures from a Toronto White Kitchen -- and "Whole Home" -- Makeover

Last year, Monarch designer Sarah Overholt began consulting on a project that started as a kitchen renovation but turned into a whole home renovation!

Built in the 1920's, this 1,000 sq. foot Toronto home was completely gutted and all new electrical, plumbing and insulation was installed. The main floor was opened up and the existing tiny isolated kitchen was transformed into an airy modern space.

Toronto home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Front hallway/stairs BEFORE
Toronto home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Living room/stairs/kitchen BEFORE (during construction)
Toronto home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Living room/stairs/kitchen AFTER
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto kitchen BEFORE
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto white kitchen design AFTER
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto white kitchen design AFTER
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto white kitchen design AFTER

Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto bath design BEFORE (during construction)
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto bath design AFTER
Home makeover by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Toronto bath design AFTER