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October 17, 2012

What's Monarch's Secret to a Stress-Free Kitchen or Bath Renovation?

At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, we understand that major renovations -- particularly those which involve the kitchen area -- involve a large amount of upheaval and stress.

We've found that o
ne of the largest stress factors for homeowners during a renovation is dust management. In other words, finding a way to keep the dust generated during the tear down and rebuilding process confined to the space. 

Our team works hard to alleviate as much of your stress as possible. In the picture below, you'll notice we have completely encapsulated the renovation area: all doorways leading out of the kitchen are closed off and all cold air returns blocked.

If you look at the opening on the left, you will see a zippered door which allows the homeowners access to their living room and temporary kitchen in the dining room.

Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre uses zippered plastic "doors"
to keep renovation dust from spreading throughout your home.
Another zippered door (not pictured) closes off the space and restricts access to the upper level; this ensures dust does not enter the sleeping areas of the home.

This dust management system has proven very effective in keeping the dust particles within the work area, and minimizes the effects on the rest of the home.

“We now do this for every renovation project that we undertake," says Monarch president Neil Samson. "We care about your home and your well being." 

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