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October 16, 2012

Addressing the Need for Kitchen and Bathroom Design Solutions for "Aging in Place"

As the "baby boomer" generation approaches the age of retirement, their need to downsize or retrofit their existing homes has become a priority.

Lessons learned from watching their own parents deal with the challenges of getting older and finding a safe place to live has no doubt inspired the "aging in place" movement.
From the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC): Impacts of the Aging of the Canadian Population on Housing and Communities
(2008) [Research Highlight]

“There will be profound changes in the age structure of the Canadian population over the next 25 years. These changes will transform our communities and significantly affect housing. Population aging is taking place in a society that is being reshaped by a range of remarkable demographic and socio-economic trends. These include changes in family size and structure, increasing numbers of immigrants with family traditions very different from those of earlier generations, a growing number of persons living alone and new urban dynamics with increased concern for sustainability in the face of urban sprawl.

Other significant trends include the intent of many of today’s near retirees to continue working beyond the traditional retirement age, the increasing participation by women in the workforce and the tendency of young adults to stay longer in their parents’ homes.

An aging population will change the pattern of housing needs and preferences, alter the nature of the demand for services, change transportation requirements, accentuate the need for making communities more responsive to people with disabilities and challenge existing neighbourhood design and community planning practices.

The increasing desire of seniors to “age in place” (that is, to continue to live in their current home and familiar community for as long as possible, even if their health changes) will have major policy implications for housing and communities. It will create a need for housing adaptations and other supports; for more innovative housing options; and for planning and zoning changes.”
At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, we understand the challenges involved in designing a home which allows you to "age in place." Kitchen and bath suppliers such as Kohler do, as well.

Below are two videos which illustrate some of the options available to help you live safely in your home for as long as possible. If you're considering renovating your home as you age in place, drop by our Pickering showroom or make an appointment with a member of our design team by calling 905-686-2001.