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November 11, 2016

What's On Your Laundry Room Wish List?

Laundry room design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

As  more and more laundry rooms make their way out of the basement and onto the main and upper floors, it's becoming clear that homeowners want their laundry room's decor to flow seamlessly with the overall design of the house. Finally, a room that was once ignored is now getting some long overdue TLC.

What's on your laundry room wish list?

Below are the the top five requests Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre designer Marion Cuddie gets from her clients.

1. Hanging racks for drying
Not every item you wash can be placed in the dryer. That's where hanging racks come in handy. The size of the rack will depend on the space available and the amount of washing you do each week.

2. Storage bins, drawers and cubbies
Storage bins and drawers help keep the counter clear for folding. Cubbies are ideal for placing items you want to keep close-at-hand but out of the way.

3. Landing space for laundry baskets
Are you constantly tripping over laundry baskets? You're not alone. Even if you're updating the look of your laundry room, there's a good chance your available floor space is limited.  Having room to move around and place your baskets is a priority for may homeowners.

Bryan and Sarah Baeulmer's laundry room

4. Ergonomic folding space
While washer and dryer pedestals provide additional storage, they don't allow any room above the appliances to fold the clothes comfortably. Many homeowners are choosing to forgo the pedestals so they can install a counter above the washer and dryer for quick-and-easy folding. This is a great option if your space is limited and you don't have room to install additional counter tops.

5. Low-maintenance counter tops and durable cabinetry
If you've got room to spare, quartz counter tops are non-porous and make a stunning statement in a utilitarian space. Euro-finish cabinetry (pictured below) is a stylish choice that offers both durable and affordable.

Laundry room design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

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