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November 17, 2016

The First Step to Renovation Success: Carefully Plan Your Project

A few years ago, Monarch became a RenoMark™ Approved contractor.

RenoMark™ identifies contractors who have agreed to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Code of Ethics and a renovation-specific Code of Conduct. As a RenoMark™ approved renovator, Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre is recognized as understanding the value of customer service as well as providing warranties and continually educating ourselves on trends, materials and new regulations.

In their "Read Before You Renovate" Reno Guide, Renomark™ reviews the five steps to a worry-free renovation or addition:
  1. Carefully plan your project
  2. Select a RenoMark™ renovator
  3. Get a written contract
  4. Check on progress
  5. Discuss your project
Toronto Bath Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Over next five weeks, we will explore the importance of each of these steps.

Let's begin with the importance of planning ahead.

From RenoMark
"Major projects may require the services of an architect and other professionals such as engineers and heating contractors. Their drawings are not only required to obtain building permits and other municipal approvals, but they provide the basis for your renovation contractor to price the project.
Be realistic about the time a project will take to get started and to complete. Consider its full costs, including at least a 10 per cent contingency for changes and unexpected conditions and the impact the project will have on the daily operation of your home and family activities.
If your project is likely to last more than a few weeks, it’s wise to discuss your project with neighbours. In addition to unavoidable noise and dirt, there will be vehicles parked on the street, disposal bins in the driveway and plenty of truck deliveries. Most neighbours will be understanding and accommodating, especially if notified first."
Toronto Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

Here are just a few of the questions Monarch's design team will ask you to consider before moving forward with your kitchen or bath design:
  • Are you going to keep or change the existing layout of the space?
  • What type of flooring makes sense for your family?
  • Do you want to keep the bathtub or make the shower larger?
  • Are you planning to remain living in your home during the renovation process?
  • In what order would you like the work completed?
  • Which countertop material is going to best suit your needs?
  • How many people need to use the space at the same time?
  • Do you want to allow for seating in your kitchen design?
  • Are warm bathroom floors a priority for you?
"Our design team is here to help you understand your options and the pros and cons of every choice," says Monarch designer Jackie Schagen. "We'll make sure you are always making an educated decision."

Are you ready to renovate? Contact Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre at 905-686-2001.