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September 22, 2016

Two New Ways to Relax in Style from BainUltra

As the pioneer and inventor of the air-jet bath, BainUltra knows a thing or two about how to relax in style. Recently, they introduced two new products to their innovation collection: Nokori Oval and Essencia Design.

Nokori Oval from BainUltra

Nokori Oval

Understated and refined, the Nokori Oval's clean lines offer contemporary elegance that blend seamlessly with a variety of decor. Its spacious interior seats two comfortably and offers all the therapeutic benefits of Hydro-thermo massage®, relaxing the body and mind, stimulating blood flow and eliminating toxins.

Essencia Design from BainUltra

Essencia Design

Introducing the latest creation in the Essencia collection: the Essencia Design. Its clean, smooth lines and unique oval form are sure to sweep you off your feet!

Both the Nokori Oval and Essencia Design offer BainUltra's trusted therapies.


"Geysair technology is also available for this collection. Geysair further enhances the benefits of Hydro-thermo massage while providing a feeling of uniform heat, improving lymphatic drainage, and maintaining water temperature for a longer period. You can also benefit from chromatherapy, and Thermotherapy® with the Essencia Design and Nokori Oval. Reconnect with your vital energy and savor pure relaxation thanks to the beneficial effect of color vibrations on the senses."

To learn more about incorporating one of BainUltra's luxurious baths into your new bath design, contact Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre at 905-686-2001.