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September 30, 2016

5 Reasons We Use Schluter Products for Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Seeing the ceramic or porcelain tile installed in your new kitchen or bath design is an exciting part of the renovation process. Tile puts the finishing touch on a room's design and ties in all of the design elements you've spent months choosing with care.

To ensure your tile work stays beautiful for years to come, Monarch uses a variety of tried and trusted products from Schluter Systems.

Schluter®-DITRA and DITRA-XL is the new standard to prevent cracked tile and grout
You can't turn on HGTV without seeing DITRA's eye-catching orange waterproof layer being used on many of the home renovation shows. In addition to being a waterproofing layer, DITRA works to prevent large-scale tiles -- 12" x 24" for example -- from moving and cracking. Monarch uses DITRA on almost every tile project.  

Keep it linear and unique with Schluter®-KERDI-LINE
This low-profile linear floor drain creates a barrier-free, open-concept space and is specifically designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies. 
Schluter®-JOLLY profile pieces stay watertight and prevent tile edges from chipping
This finishing and edge-protection profile is designed for the outside corners of tiled surfaces on walls. It's ideal for creating decorative transitions on walls and using as trim for the top edge of a tile wall, back splash and bathtub surround.

Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN provides a large contact area for a secure connection
The KERDI-DRAIN allows us to use popular square tiles on the base of your shower without having any tiny chips and pieces around the drain.

Schluter®-KERDI and KERDI-DS waterproofing membranes provide peace-of-mind 
We use various pieces from the KERDI line to customize your shower into unique and different shapes. These pliable, bonded waterproof membranes and vapour retarders have limited crack-bridging capabilities and ensure your shower or bath surround is well-protected against mould and mildew.

To learn more about how Monarch uses Schluter products in our clients' home renovations, drop by our showroom or call us at 905-686-2001.