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August 28, 2015

Cambria Adds Two New Countertop Designs to Their Marble Collection


Brittanicca courtesy of Cambria

Vast and expansive, Brittanicca offers a velvety marbled background of neutral white that provides a stage on which gray streams meander among intertwining ashen veins dotted with veiled charcoal sparkles.
Brittanicca courtesy of Cambria


Ella courtesy of Cambria

Combining classic marble beauty with legendary strength, Ella features a dimensional lattice of delicate dove-gray streams permeating throughout a creamy marbled backdrop.

Why choose a Cambria countertop? Cambria's natural quartz surfaces are durable, stronger than granite and non-porous (NSF 51 Certified), making them as safe as stainless steel for food preparation.

Drop by the Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre showroom to view samples of Cambria's newest additions.

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August 21, 2015

Beat the Lunch Box Rut with These Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Ask parents what they dread most about the upcoming school year and you’re likely to get a few complaints about the stress involved in having something to pack in their children’s lunch every day.

“The excitement of a new lunch bag and fancy new containers wanes after the first few weeks,” says Cate, a mother of three school-age children. “Slowly, the foods they loved in September start coming back uneaten and you’re forced to use your imagination and stay up-to-speed with what their classmates are bringing for lunch.”

The key challenge in packing lunches, it seems, is being willing to change up the menu as the year progresses. What was fun and delicious at the beginning of the school year may not make the cut by Christmas.

What foods should you avoid? “Sandwiches with ingredients that make the bread soggy, like chicken or tuna salad, and foods with a strong odour,” says Cate. “Kids don’t want to draw attention to themselves in a negative way, so last night’s leftovers may not always be a great choice.”

Lucky for us, the year is 2015 and the internet is full of people willing to share their tips and tricks for packing delicious and easy-to-prepare snacks and lunches.

According to celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli, the key to packing healthy lunches your kids will eat is to “get a little creative in terms of flavour, visual variety and texture.”

For the elementary school set, sectioned containers that mix fruits and vegetables with fun foods may be the key to keeping their interest.

Today's Parent suggests using Bento boxes as a colourful and exciting way to offer a variety of foods.

"I used to give myself a free pass to store-bought snacks; after all, I was making three school lunches a day, 10 months a year. But I committed to making a change when I switched to Bento lunches. I realized it was just as convenient to reach into my freezer for cookies and muffins as it was to pull processed food from my cupboards. I still pack crackers and pretzels as treats, but baked goods are made at home with help from the kids," says Lousie Gleeson.

August 14, 2015

Hoping to Celebrate Christmas in a Newly Designed Kitchen?

As you soak up these last few weeks of summer, Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind.

Here at Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre, however, we're busy planning kitchen and bath renovations through the fall months.

If you're dreading the idea of celebrating another Christmas in your outdated kitchen, we encourage you to drop into our showroom soon to speak with a member of our design team. Major design transformations take time, and if you'd love to be entertaining your family and friends in a new kitchen this Christmas, the planning process should begin over the next few weeks.

Why so soon? Here's a brief summary of what needs to happen:

  • Find a design company you can trust
  • Set a budget and establish your design goals
  • Consult with your kitchen designer
  • Final design approval
  • Technical drawings to be produced
  • Order of cabinetry and materials
  • Manufacturing of custom cabinetry
  • Demolition and reconstruction of current kitchen
  • Shop for new appliances/schedule delivery
  • Delivery of custom cabinetry and countertop
  • Cabinetry, countertop and backsplash installation
  • Finishing touches such as painting, installation of new plumbing and light fixtures
Our primary goal is to help you design a space that not only reflects your personal style, but also meets your requirements for function and versatility -- for this holiday season, and for years to come.

As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, creativity and the variety of services we offer. Although you many only have one designer assigned to your project, you'll benefit from having an entire team of dedicated kitchen professionals working together to serve you.

Call Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre today at 905-686-2001 and let us help you make your kitchen design dreams a reality. 

August 6, 2015

Renovating vs. Moving: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Results of a new survey out last week reveal some hard truths for home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area: sky-high prices that leave many residents unable to purchase low-rise housing such as detached, semi-detached and town homes.
From The Financial Post:
The Building Industry and Land Development Association said the average price of a new low-rise home in the GTA hit a record-high $785,800 in June, according to RealNet Canada Inc. Prices rose 15.5 per cent from a year ago. The average high-rise sold for $441,134, up just 1 per cent from a year ago.
If you’re a current homeowner weighing the pros and cons of moving, these figures might  be all it takes to convince you to renovate your home to suit your needs instead of moving.

Is moving the answer?
Whether you need more space to accommodate your growing family or your home’s current layout is posing mobility issues, renovating your current living space to adapt to your new lifestyle may make more sense.

Would the money you’ll have to spend on moving fees be better spent by putting it back into the home you know and love?

The cost of selling your home and moving is higher than you think.
The time and effort involved in preparing your home for sale is staggering. From cleaning the house and painting walls, to landscaping to grab some extra curb appeal, you’ll wonder why you’re doing all this work for someone else’s benefit. When you add in all the other costs − lawyers, movers, real estate agents, bank fees, taxes, disbursements, insurance and home inspections − it can add up to huge numbers.

Should you move?
Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to spend your money. If the cost of moving is just too great, putting the money you do have into your home is key for living happily and functioning effectively in your day-to-day life. But which elements of your home do you need to renovate to make this work?

“Now more than ever, our customers are opting to open their homes and remove the barriers that separate them from interacting efficiently with their families,” says Monarch designer Amanda Willson-Suppa.

From opening up your living space and creating a great room, to making your home more accessible for members of your family, Monarch designers are qualified to help you address the changing needs of your home.

Call us today at 905-686-2001 or drop by our showroom.