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February 26, 2014

Cambria Adds Six New Countertops to their Design Palette

Drop by the Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre showroom to view Cambria’s newest additions to their design palette. Cambria’s natural quartz surfaces are durable, stronger than granite and non-porous (NSF 51 Certified), making it as safe as stainless steel for food preparation.

Waterstone Collection™
Dark and deep, much like the canal bordering this small village in England's West Midlands region. Armitage's blend of black and gray provides an easy, neutral canvas for the random hints of copper-orange emerging from within. Rich, sophisticated and adaptable for any setting.

Waterstone Collection™
Copper flecks subtly dust the surface of Bradshaw, like the intricate stained glass that enveloped a 16th century church this region of northwest England was once known for. A whirling fusion of taupe, tan, black and shimmering copper elevate this captivating neutral to standout status.

Galloway -- one of Cambria's new designs

Coastal Collection™
Deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, Galloway lures furtive glances. It is a mix of sea, sand and time and shines like a luminescent pearl inside a rough and blackened oyster shell.

Waterstone Collection™
Bold and sumptuous, this powerful union of black, chestnut, gray and white brings to life the rhythmic and rocky tumble of this northwest England waterway. Expressive, rich and lively, Hollinsbrook lends a luxurious and dignified air to any space.

Waterstone Collection™
Named for a centuries-old village in northwest England, Laneshaw's mysterious sea of brown tones, tan and black is a grand statement-maker. Subtle white and a veil of gold shimmer add an unexpected twist of glamour to any space.

Jewel Collection™
Like the sunlight that pierces the mysterious shadows of the wondrous Rosslyn Chapel, this design's striking metallic golds shimmer against a nuanced background of taupe and tans in a masterful addition to the Jewel Collection.

Why choose Cambria countertops for your home? In this video, acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston explains why it was his top choice.