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February 13, 2012

Kevin Samson Asks: Is the Kitchen Desk a Thing of the Past?

Has the kitchen desk become extinct?

Countertop Charging Station
"Many clients are asking us to eliminate the desk in their new kitchen plan," says Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre designer Kevin Samson. "Most agree their kitchen desk becomes the unsightly drop zone for mail, keys, newspapers...and the odd time, a missing report card.

"In fact, many clients confess that their kitchen desk has started minor family arguments over who left certain items sitting on the desk for days on end."

So, do we get rid of the desk altogether?

"Yes...and no," says Kevin. "Most families tell us they are lacking adequate storage in their existing kitchen. Replacing the desk's seating area with cabinetry helps solve the storage problem...but what about all of those desk items that need a spot?"

"Today's desk in no longer the seating area of kitchens past. It has evolved into a more modern and updated communication centre. With so many families using wireless Internet and devices in their home, we are now adding power access pods or charging stations to kitchens, instead."

Keys/Device Cabinet
The charging station (see above) allows for three electrical outlets and two USB ports, and can disappear into a courtertop. 

"Since all devices can be charge in one area of the home, it makes life easier for the entire family," adds Kevin.

"As well, we often provide dry erase boards, chalk boards and when space permits, a narrow wall cabinet for storage of electronic devices, pens, paper, keys and such."

Are you considering a kitchen renovation this spring? If so, will your new space include room for a desk or will you move towards the "communication centre" concept? For more information on how Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre designers can help make your renovation dreams a reality, drop by our Pickering showroom at 1020 Brock Rd., Unit 6, or call us at 905-686-2001 to book an appointment.