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February 14, 2012

Garbage Bins? Broom Closets? Big Pull-Out Drawers? Which Design Feature Will You LOVE in Your New Kitchen?

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we thought we'd do a followup post to What Will Be Your Favourite Thing in Your New Kitchen?

The original post was borrowed from a happy Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre client who chronicled her kitchen redesign and renovation in the blog Dream Kitchen Reno Diary. Below is the post she wrote as a followup to her original post. 

Are you considering a kitchen renovation in 2012? Below are just a few of the elements you might want to include.
March 3, 2009

And we're still loving the kitchen.

I realized a few months back that I used to cringe every time I walked into my old kitchen. Seriously. I lived in it for eight years, so you do the math (8 years x 365 days)....that's a lot of cringing! Now, my kitchen brings me nothing but joy, peace and contentment.

Some more of my favourite things:

1. Two big pot drawers underneath the gas cooktop. All my pots and frying pans--and even my really big stock pot--exactly where I need them!

2. Great BIG drawers, perfect for all my Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers. Ask any mom what cupboard in her kitchen gives her the most grief and I'll bet you it's the one she stores her Tupperware containers in. My new tall drawers have saved me hours of frustration and allow me to stay organized with ease.

3. My garbage bins.  I know this probably sounds lame, but my pull out double-drawer garbage is perfect. Located to the right of my prep sink on the island, the pull-out garbage has one huge bin for recycling (no more ugly green bin on the counter or under the sink) and one huge bin for garbage. So when I'm peeling potatoes or carrots, I just pull out the drawer and peel directly into the recycle bin. So easy and no more mess!

4. My broom closet. Conveniently located to the right of the fridge, our broom closet is a little piece of heaven for me. (Strange, the things that make me happy...) Reduced in depth because of floor-to-ceiling duct work, the cupboard space was the perfect size for a broom closet and some shelves.  Organization has never felt so good!

5. My handy-dandy pull-out step stool. Since my new cupboards now go all the way to the ceiling, reaching the top shelves is impossible for even the least of the vertically-challenged people I know. My handy-dandy, pull-out step stool is discreetly located under the pantry cupboard beside the fridge. Can't reach something? Just pull it out, pop it open and up you go!

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