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November 17, 2010

Save Water and the Environment with GROHE

Gone are the days when homeowners only focused on design and functionality when choosing the products and appliances for their newly designed kitchen or bathroom. Today, they are just as likely to keep the environment in mind, as well.

But is it possible to be good to the environment and save money...all while maintaining high standards for style and efficiency? GROHE thinks you can:

"In a world where water resources are under increasing pressure, GROHE works every day to provide solutions to this serious challenge. All GROHE products combine stylish design, ease-of-use and superior performance with responsible water consumption. Some concepts, however, are exceptionally economical by nature and allow users to save water without giving it another thought."

GROHE has expanded their EcoJoy™ line of established products--thermostats, dual-flush sanitary systems and electronic faucets--to reflect their ongoing commitment to the environment. The smart, sophisticated designs of GROHE's selected single-lever mixers and showers restrict flow rates and allow you to reduce water consumption without sacrificing on performance or design. This means less water needs to be heated to obtain your perfect shower or washbasin temperature. The bottom line? The money you save on water generates energy savings and results in a substantial cost savings for both resources.
GROHE EcoJoy™ hand shower

Choose a Water-Saving Shower Head
Using quality materials, first-class design and advanced engineering, GROHE EcoJoy™ hand showers save water with either an integrated flow limiter, or an "eco" button or spray dimmer which let you to choose when to reduce the water flow.

Save with a GROHE Digital Shower
Designed to save you time and money, GROHE Ondus faucets and showers can be pre-programmed so you can enjoy your preferred combination of water flow rate and shower temperature with a push of a button. The shower control's "pause" button allows you to stop the water mid-shower (e.g. to shampoo your hair) and then re-start it at exactly the same temperature and flow...saving you time and water.

Invest in a GROHE Shower Thermostat

Shower thermostats help you save water by maintaining the desired water temperature for the duration of your shower. This means less time re-adjusting the temperature if the water supply changes. In addition, many of GROHE's models include an "eco" button on the thermostat body to reduce the flow rate by 50 percent.

Visit GROHE online here.

To learn more about incorporating GROHE's energy-efficient products into your kitchen or bath redesign project, contact Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre at 905-686-2001.