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March 9, 2017

Two New Reasons to Add a BainUltra Therapeutic Bath to Your Home or Condo

OpaliaTM from BainUltra

Who needs a weekend away at a spa when you can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic bath in your own home?

“Our clients are asking us to take out their big corner tub, not only to allow room for a bigger and more luxurious shower, but to create space for a more sleek freestanding tub," says Monarch designer Kevin Samson. "It’s about creating an escape, an oasis. Often we’re adding a fireplace or TV and a place for a wine glass or candles.”

As the pioneer and inventor of the air-jet bath, BainUltra knows a thing or two about how to relax in style. Recently, they introduced two new freestanding tubs to their collection: Monarch and Opalia™.

Monarch from BainUltra


Monarch is a refined collection of therapeutic baths with distinctive deck surfaces, for a look that’s noble and pure.

Designed to blend with the utmost harmony into luxury condo dwellings, Monarch bath is a graceful innovation for drop-in and alcove settings—an approach to bathroom design that is utterly refined.
This singular collection features radiant, sumptuous quartz deck surfaces in carefully selected enchanting colors combined with the bath inner shell made of 100% pure acrylic of the highest quality.

Monarch from BainUltra

OpaliaTM from BainUltra
Presenting OpaliaTM, a new collection of exquisitely crafted therapeutic baths with the bold, pure lines of a fascinating opal. Like so many magnificent jewels, OpaliaTM oval baths play on elliptical perfection, with original deck designs that intrigue and delight.

OpaliaTM is available in five distinctive models, each as intriguing as the last. The oval inner shell can be centered, off-centered, or oblique from the center, creating an interplay of ellipses unique to each configuration.

To learn more about incorporating one of BainUltra's luxurious baths into your new bath design, contact Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre at 905-686-2001 or visit our showroom.