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March 30, 2017

Why a Designer is Key to the Success of Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen, you may be contemplating the do-it-yourself route. Before you hop in the car and head to your local big box store, consider the benefits of working with a kitchen designer.

Professional kitchen designers are able to translate their client's requirements into a functional kitchen design that reflects both their needs and wants. As trained professionals -- and great listeners -- they are able to get to the heart of the matter and create solutions to problems you may not have even been able to articulate.

Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Professional designers have comprehensive knowledge in kitchen design, along with construction, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. They're trained to see the problems before they occur and plan strategically to not only enhance the beauty of the space but the client experience, as well.
Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

With little or no technical knowledge to base their decisions on, homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated. A professional kitchen designer has years of design training and experience and can offer you their professional perspective, sharing the tricks of the trade to maximize your space and get the kitchen you want.

Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

From cabinetry, countertops and storage space to sinks, plumbing and appliances, there are an incredible number of decisions involved in a kitchen renovation. Kitchen designers are trained professionals with extensive knowledge about a variety of products and know how to properly construct and install the materials in your home.

To learn more about how easy it is to work with a Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre designer, visit our FAQ page, or drop by our showroom.

March 23, 2017

Introducing Cambria's Revolutionary New Matte™ Finish

carrick matte from cambria monarch find it at kitchen & bath centre

The stylish matte finish you've been waiting for has arrived! Elegant and silky smooth, Cambria Matte™ finish is available in 16 designs, offering durability, easy-care convenience and the non-absorbency of their high gloss surfaces.

"Cambria doesn't disappoint with its new colours and matte finish," says Monarch designer Janet Dawson. "The matte finish will especially appeal to people who like a more 'industrial' look, as some of the Cambria colours in a matte finish emulate concrete."

Why choose a Cambria counter top? Cambria's natural quartz surfaces are durable, stain-resistant, stronger than granite and non-porous (NSF 51 Certified), making them as safe as stainless steel for food preparation.

"The new colours maintain Cambria's trend of being cutting-edge and innovative when it comes to quartz counter tops and keeps them at the forefront of the industry in terms of new developments," says Janet.

Cambria Matte™ is available in five new designs...


Cambria Matte finish in Carrick

...and in 11 timeless collections.


cambria matte designs

March 16, 2017

Give & Take: This Custom Kitchen Makes Cooking a Priority

Transitional kitchen design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

To maximize the kitchen work area, these homeowners parted with their front hall closet.

"In this home, we had the front closet removed to create a more open kitchen and eating area," says Monarch designer Jackie Schagen. To compensate for this, the tall pantry beside the wall ovens hides a closet bar and room for boots and shoes.

"A single sink allows for increased counter top space and a large bowl for the items they choose to hand wash."

And since the homeowners enjoy cooking, they upgraded from a standard range to a separate cook top and wall ovens.

Tall pantry hides a closet bar and a room for boots and shoes.

"Our clients selected the durable Euro Finish cabinets in the Black Magic colour, which we balanced by having a light and bright Caesarstone countertop. The textured herringbone backsplash adds a touch of subtle sophistication," adds Jackie.

Euro Finish kitchen cabinetry in Black Magic.

Caesarstone quartz countertop in Ice Snow

March 9, 2017

Two New Reasons to Add a BainUltra Therapeutic Bath to Your Home or Condo

OpaliaTM from BainUltra

Who needs a weekend away at a spa when you can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic bath in your own home?

“Our clients are asking us to take out their big corner tub, not only to allow room for a bigger and more luxurious shower, but to create space for a more sleek freestanding tub," says Monarch designer Kevin Samson. "It’s about creating an escape, an oasis. Often we’re adding a fireplace or TV and a place for a wine glass or candles.”

As the pioneer and inventor of the air-jet bath, BainUltra knows a thing or two about how to relax in style. Recently, they introduced two new freestanding tubs to their collection: Monarch and Opalia™.

Monarch from BainUltra


Monarch is a refined collection of therapeutic baths with distinctive deck surfaces, for a look that’s noble and pure.

Designed to blend with the utmost harmony into luxury condo dwellings, Monarch bath is a graceful innovation for drop-in and alcove settings—an approach to bathroom design that is utterly refined.
This singular collection features radiant, sumptuous quartz deck surfaces in carefully selected enchanting colors combined with the bath inner shell made of 100% pure acrylic of the highest quality.

Monarch from BainUltra

OpaliaTM from BainUltra
Presenting OpaliaTM, a new collection of exquisitely crafted therapeutic baths with the bold, pure lines of a fascinating opal. Like so many magnificent jewels, OpaliaTM oval baths play on elliptical perfection, with original deck designs that intrigue and delight.

OpaliaTM is available in five distinctive models, each as intriguing as the last. The oval inner shell can be centered, off-centered, or oblique from the center, creating an interplay of ellipses unique to each configuration.

To learn more about incorporating one of BainUltra's luxurious baths into your new bath design, contact Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre at 905-686-2001 or visit our showroom.

March 3, 2017

Mosaic Tiles Make a Big Impact in This Small Powder Room

transitional powder room design Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Durham Region
Transitional powder room design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Design

Often overlooked because of its limited size, the powder room can be the perfect space to make a bold design statement with limited investment.

Caesarstone quartz countertop and Miralis Euro finish cabinetry add styel to this powder room design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
  A Caesarstone countertop and Miralis Euro finish shaker cabinetry add style to this powder room design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Design

In this transitional powder room design, homeowners combined contemporary mosaic tile backsplash with Miralis Euro finish shaker cabinetry (Ember) for a look that is both eye-catching and inviting.

"Miralis Euro finish doors are an excellent alternative that provides the 'wood look' in a space that blends both traditional and modern door design," says Monarch designer Chantal Miller

Transitional Bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Pickering
Bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Design
"By placing the backsplash tile in a vertical pattern, it creates a focal point in a small space and keeps your eye moving all the way up the wall," says Chantal. The alternating textured smoke glass mosaic tiles also effectively reflect the light, making the room look bigger while adding a touch of glamour.

"Flanking wall sconces are an alternative way to place lighting in a powder room and allowed us to place an equally proportional mirror in the space," adds Chantal.

Additional design features include a Caesarstone quartz countertop (Frosty Carrine) and porcelain tile flooring from Sarana Tile.