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January 26, 2017

Check Out NKBA's Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2017

This month, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) published their Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2017. Conducted online in August/September 2016, the NKBA surveyed 562 of its members from across North America. Here's a look at the major trends that came out the survey.

1. Contemporary kitchens have overtaken traditional styles for the first time.

Although transitional designs remain the most popular, traditional kitchen design has dropped to the third most popular style and is expected to keep declining. 

2. White and grey painted cabinets and colour schemes will continue to dominate.

Photo courtesy of Cambria. Shown: Carrick.
Blue painted and high gloss cabinets styles, as well as blue and black colour schemes are also trending upward. 

"I'm happy to see that the light/dark and simple grey/white contrast finishes, with is a true and basic design tenant, is making its way back into the mix...and it should...for good reason," says Monarch designer Chantal Miller. "Countertops and cabinets are significant to change in your home so this elegant, yet simple, combination allows homeowners to protect their large renovation invest by using other inexpensive parts of their space...paint colour, backsplash, add the fluid, fun and trendy colours for years to come."

3. Emerging trends of mixed colours, including varying countertop materials and mixed cabinet finishes.

This includes exaggerated two-toned effects, darks with lights and lights with darks. Several of those surveyed mentioned blending quartz countertops with wood.

4. The use of metal cabinetry is on the rise.

Although wood cabinets are still the top choice for most designers, metal cabinets appear to be a favourite of both younger and male designers.

5. Furniture-look pieces, rollouts, pullouts and under-cabinet lighting are popular cabinet features.

Simplicity is key, with flat-panel doors, flush inset, on the rise. Drawers are also popular. The bigger the better! On the downswing? Crown moulding and built-in desks. 

6. Quartz countertops are the favourite, with granite continuing its trend downward.

Photo courtest of Cambria. Shown: Swanbridge


7. Induction cooktops, convection ovens and microwave drawers are trending higher.


8. Kitchen technology is on the rise.

A whopping 31 per cent of NKBA professionals included wiring and pathways for future tech integration in their kitchen designs. Docking stations and appliances connected to the internet are also on the rise.

9. Barn doors and pocket doors are becoming a popular choice in the kitchen.


10. Accessible and universal design features continue to be popular.