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June 10, 2016

Choosing Cherry for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

A few weeks ago, we began our blog series on the different wood types available to choose from when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom. This week, we examine the distinctive characteristics of cherry.

Often associated with use in more traditional settings, cherry can be paired with modern finishes for a more contemporary look and feel. “There’s a richness and depth that you can only get with cherry," says Monarch designer Jackie Schagen. "The variation in colour and grain gives a very elemental look that can only come from a truly natural material.”

  • brings a sense of warmth to any space
  • smooth, fine-grained appearance with uniform texture and random markings
  • character comes from mineral streaking, fine pinholes and pitch pockets
  • ranges from tan blonde to deep brown and darkens naturally as it ages
  • hard enough to withstand everyday life

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Photo courtesy of Cuisines Laurier.