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April 29, 2016

Maximize Your Storage Space with These 3 Kitchen Corner Solutions

Kitchen corner cabinets are the Bermuda Triangle of your kitchen. Over time, items you place at the front of the cabinet slowly make their way into the back, never to be seen again.

Often one of the trickiest areas in the kitchen to figure out, corner cabinets either go underused or turn into a virtual Neverland of odds and ends. Thankfully, cabinet manufacturers have found creative and innovative ways to make use of the space. Below are three of our favourites.

The LeMans II System

Ideal for blind corners, the LeMans pullout systems help you keep items organized. This means no more getting on your hands and knees to access the back of the cabinet.

Rondo Cleaning and Recycling Centre

Underneath a corner sink doesn't have to be a lost space! And a corner recycling unit is a great way to keep your wasting sorting needs out of the way.


Pie-cut Lazy Susan

A deep lazy susan can keep your pantry items organized and prevent items from falling off into the depths of your cabinet.

In this revolutionary design from Cornerstone, the patented die-cast aluminum bearing makes this unique wood super susan the absolute workhorse of the industry.

Designed for pots, pans and kitchen appliances, this wood susan also works great for dry goods, bulk storage or convenience items.


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