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March 31, 2016

What's on Your New Kitchen Wish List?

Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

One of the very first things a Monarch designer does with new clients is visit their home and review their concerns and "wish list" for the new space.

For this Toronto kitchen design, designer Kevin Samson asked his clients why they wanted to remodel, and their response was an overwhelming "We hate it!"

Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

"After asking them a series of questions and discussing their concerns with the existing kitchen, we determined a number of areas that required improvement," says Kevin.

"Their biggest complaint was the lack of adequate food preparation counter space, and the inability for two people to work in the kitchen at the same time."

Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

"The first item on their wish list was achieved by increasing the space between the sink and cooking surface, and adding a larger counter section on the left side of the sink," explains Kevin. "They now have a kitchen with large prep areas that comfortably accommodates two cooks."

Coming soon: Kevin reviews how he addressed more items on this client's wish list.