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January 28, 2016

Coloured Appliances: Are You Ready to Say "So Long" to Stainless?

Bertazzoni Professional Series

Not for the faint of heart, coloured appliances are slowly making their way into an increasing number of kitchen designs.

Bertazzoni Professional Series
For those homeowners who lived through the harvest-gold and avocado-green appliance trend in the 70s, it's understandable why committing to colour would require some courage. It also explains why stainless steel appliances are all the rage. After all, what doesn't go with stainless steel?

But if you're ready to add some warmth and character to your kitchen design -- and you're tired of constantly wiping fingerprint smudges off your stainless steel appliances -- there are many options to choose from.

Bertazzoni Heritage Series
"Coloured appliances can be a fun and unexpected way to personalize your kitchen," says Monarch designer Jackie Schagen

"In a contemporary kitchen, a Professional Series Bertazzoni range can pack a punch while their Heritage Series range selection is better suited to a tradtional style with a nod to the past. 

"If 50s retro is more your speed, why not try a coloured refrigerator from Smeg? They even have cute small appliances to match, like toasters and kettles!"  

Call Monarch today to learn more about incorporating coloured appliances in your new kitchen design.

January 20, 2016

Home Sweet Condo Part 3: Sleek Styling in the Main Bathroom

Condo bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

Condo bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
In this last instalment of Amanda Willson-Suppa’s condo makeover, we look at the design details involved in the transformation of the main bathroom.

“As the bathroom that will get used most by guests – our clients plan on having lots of company over – we wanted the space to have a slightly more masculine feel while keeping the design modern and light,” says Amanda.

The vanity is a beautiful, dark, stained maple with a Cambria quartz counter top.

“And have a look at the tile in the shower! Beautiful and interesting while still being subtle,” says Amanda. “Can you believe there was a light out there to match a shower tile more perfectly than this combination?”

Your condo can look this good, too! Call us today to learn more, or drop by our showroom and speak with a member of our design team. 

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January 14, 2016

Home Sweet Condo Part 2: Stylish Storage Makes the Transition from Home to Condo a Breeze

White Condo Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre

As we mentioned in last week’s blog post, our clients were transitioning from a large house – one that included a sizable kitchen – into a condo and wanted to ensure that there would still be space for everything in their new home. Once Monarch designer Amanda Willson-Suppa laid eyes on the space, she knew exactly what to do.

“The original kitchen was divided and broken up to include a dry-walled closet and pantry area,” explains Amanda. “In condos, walls are often fixed…but we lucked out and were able to move one small wall. In fact, we chose to take it out altogether, and created a very functional galley kitchen.”
The fridge was moved slightly down the wall allowing more cooking and prep space around the stove.

The very large pantry closet was transformed into functional kitchen pantry storage, adding depth and function with the use of pull-outs.

White Condo Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
“Just like in the master bathroom of this condo, this kitchen has more storage space than a lot of kitchens that are larger in size,” says Amanda.

White Condo Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
"In addition, the ceilings in this space were raised, giving the homeowners a space that is larger and airier. This was also the goal with the finishes that were selected."

White Condo Kitchen Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Cambria quartz counter tops were used throughout the home. White cabinetry was selected for a timeless, open look. As well, the porcelain flooring tile is a nice light grey and in order to brighten the space.

January 6, 2016

Home Sweet Condo: Seamless Style and Storage in the Master Bath

Condo bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
 Downsizing from a large home into a condominium can be a very stressful experience. While the end goal may be to streamline and simplify, there’s no need to give up all the comforts of big-home living.

In this condo renovation, the master bathroom was completely overhauled to create an elegant and beautiful space.

“Moving from a large home with a big kitchen and multiple bathrooms into a two-bedroom condo was quite a life change for our clients,” says Monarch designer Amanda Willson-Suppa. “The goal of this renovation was not only to make it as seamless as possible, but also make condo living enjoyable. A master bathroom that didn’t feel like it was part of a condo was the first item on the to-do list.”

Condo bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
Amanda used light finishes to make the space seem larger. “The storage in this room was increased, and lighting was added so that our clients could feel as though the space was as light and bright as possible,” says Amanda. “The storage is second-to-none. The sizable vanity includes many drawers, and the big cabinet next to the shower allows for more storage than bathrooms in most homes have.”

The Cambria counter tops, porcelain tile, glass shower enclosure and stylish one-piece toilet create an elegant and luxurious space with all the comforts of “home.”

Up next: The Condo Kitchen