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June 19, 2015

A Bathroom Design with Toddlers in Mind

Recently, Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre was asked to transform the washroom at First Steps Childcare Centre in Pickering into a more toddler-friendly space.

“Going potty for a child can be a very traumatic experience,” says Monarch president Neil Samson.

With the average toddler ranging in height from 24 to 30 inches, stepping up onto a foot step or stool to tinkle is a lot to navigate while learning bladder control.

“For an adult, it would be comparable to stepping on a two-foot high step to reach a three-foot high toilet bowl,” says Neil. “As you can imagine, toddlers are concerned about falling into the toilet or falling off the step, all adding to the stress of making it to the washroom in time.”

Designed by Marion Cuddie, the new washroom at First Steps features all the right components to make a toddler’s potty-training experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Staff members say the children love using it because they feel it fits for them.
“If you look carefully at these sinks, you will notice they are 18 inches high, as opposed to a normal bathroom sink which is 36 inches high,” explains Neil. “In order for a child to get their chin up to a standard bathroom vanity countertop, they have to stand on a 1’ high step stool, just to get their chin up there. We have also added motion-activated water and soap dispensers. These are toys to the kids and they love to wash their hands.”

Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre can convert any washroom into a toddler friendly environment that will reduce the stress of potty training. Contact us today at 905-686-2001.