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April 2, 2015

Five Design Trends for Your Cottage Kitchen

Spring has finally started to show its face: the snow is melting and the sun is warming the air. It won’t be long until you open the cottage for another season of good times, great friends and lots of laughs. Is your cottage kitchen up for all that entertaining?

Just like there are new trends in home kitchens, there are also some new trends in the cottage kitchen world, too. If you’re re-designing your cottage kitchen this year before the summertime fun begins, you’ll want to remember these points.

Keep open concept in mind.
Often, when we are at the cottages of our friends and family, we want to help our hosts with meal preparation. A small kitchen can become even smaller when there are six hands trying to prep a meal for hungry guests. If you design an open concept kitchen, the space will not only feel bigger, but it can become a bigger kitchen by incorporating eating areas into its space.

Consider adding a second sink.
Again, with all the help you have in the kitchen, you might find you are tripping over each other and having trouble accessing all the areas you need to. The sink being a major one! A second sink allows guests to fill their glasses, wash vegetables, and even their hands, without having to come into the main cooking area of the home.

Drawers, drawers…and more drawers!
When we think about our home kitchen renovation projects, we always think how great it would be to add more drawers to the space. The cottage kitchen is no exception. In order to act as an effective multi-functioning space, the cottage should have an allocated storage spot for everything. And what better way to organize your expanding and unmatched containers than in a nice deep drawer? Maybe even an easy-to-reach drawer to store the kid-friendly plates so your little helpers can help set the table!

Ease of clean.
Let’s face it, the cottage is not somewhere you need to keep spotless 24/7. It’s a place to relax, a place to enjoy and often, a place to get dirty. When selecting the finishes for your kitchen cabinets, floors and counter tops, remember to select surfaces that are easy to clean.

An alternate location for the bar.
For many, the cottage is a place to kick back, relax and enjoy some drinks on the deck. Keeping a wet bar with a small fridge outside of the kitchen space is a great way to avoid congestion in the kitchen at meal times. It will draw those in need of refreshment away from the workspace, and ensure a safe and uncluttered prep area.

Are you ready to renovate your cottage kitchen?
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