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February 26, 2015

Protect Your Investment: The Importance of Properly Humidifying Your Home

With winter still here and spring feeling like it is still months away, the topic of in-home humidity has been one that has surfaced around the office a lot.

You’re likely to feel the lack of humidity in your home in a variety of ways, including such physical discomforts as:
  • dry itchy skin
  • cracked lips
  • dry sinuses
  • bloody nose
Not to mention, the static electricity in a home with low humidity makes the thought of a handshake or a hug to a loved one a shocking experience!

You may even notice that there has been some shrinking in the wood products throughout your home. Perhaps your hardwood floors have larger gaps between the boards, or your picture frames seem to have cracks along the seam. Even worse, your cabinetry could be showing signs of cracking. All of these things could be caused simply by a lack of humidity in your home. 

Often when we think of home humidifiers, we think of the bedside table kind, blowing mist into the room. But there are more options; the best being a whole-home humidifier that you install on your furnace.

Ideally, the level of humidity in your home should range between 35 to 45%. Having the right level of humidity can mean feeling better, having less itchy skin, and extending the life of your wood products, as well as your artwork, paperwork and electronics.

Ensuring your home remains at the optimal humidity levels protects your health, and your investment in your home.