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November 14, 2014

How is Your Custom Countertop Made? Monarch Designer Jackie Chambers Live Tweets from Latitute Countertops

A few weeks ago, Monarch's design team toured Latitude Countertops' Toronto manufacturing facility and designer Jackie Chambers took her Twitter followers on the tour along with her. In case you missed it, below are the highlights from day.

A favorite granite of designer Jackie Chambers is Bianco Antico.

 CNC machines ensure your countertops are cut with precision! 

A perfectly mitered edge is important with countertops, and having the right tools is a necessary part of the process. With less quality tools your mitered edges can chip and be very rough.

The kitchen template is laid out directly on your slab, this not only reduces waste, but it also ensures that the best looking parts of the stone are used.

Solid surface slabs are HEAVY! Machines can help lift the pieces into place ensuring that the staff remain safe. 
All of the slabs are tagged on site at the quarry. This way, our manufacturer knows where it has come from, what series it is, and can ensure that all of the slabs used for your kitchen design will come from the same cut.
Our countertop fabricator has a high standard for the quality of their countertops, ensuring that an edge is book matched for the closest match possible. This creates a seam that becomes less visible.
Latitude now offers a 25-year sealer for all granite counter tops. This allows the granite to become virtually stain proof and similar in quality to quartz. This eliminates the need to seal your countertops every six months. In fact, Latitude is even able to seal the granite already in your home in just a few hours.