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February 5, 2014

Choose Monarch for Effective — and Beautiful — Solutions to Your Long-Term Design and Renovation Needs

There are many reasons why you may want to change the kitchen and bath design of your home or cottage. Perhaps the décor is looking tired and outdated, or maybe your family dynamic has changed and you’d like to transform several rooms for a more efficient space.

Or, in what is often the case after a winter like Southern Ontario has experienced, renovating a space is a matter of necessity. If poorly insulated walls have resulted in your pipes freezing this winter, you may already be considering updating the design of the affected rooms.

In the meantime, Monarch president Neil Samson suggests a very temporary measure: turn your hot and cold faucets on to a low trickle. “Moving water has a difficult time freezing. Keeping the trickle of water going during the extreme cold patches can potentially prevent your pipes from freezing.”

Of course, keeping your water running is only a short-term solution and not environmentally friendly; Monarch’s goal is to always take the environmental approach.

The long-term solution is where Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre come in. “If your pipes have been freezing, it may be the perfect time to consider the renovation you’ve been putting off,” says Neil.

In addition to working with you to create the kitchen or bath design of your dreams, Monarch’s qualified design team has the expertise necessary to help orchestrate and coordinate any added changes your home requires. “Like installing insulation behind the drywall so your pipes don’t freeze,” adds Neil.

Is this your year to renovate? Drop by the Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre showroom today for design inspiration and to chat with a member of our design team. We can answer your design or renovation questions for your house, cottage or condominium.

Why choose Monarch? We have over 30 years experience in kitchen and bath design, and Monarch is among a limited number of renovation contractors in the Greater Toronto Area who are Renomark™ Approved. Renomark™ identifies contractors who have agreed to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Code of Ethics and a renovation-specific Code of Conduct.