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January 24, 2014

Beautiful Bath Design is All in the Details

Whether you’re choosing a kitchen countertop surface or picking tile for a backsplash or shower, it can be difficult to determine how the finished product will look from the small sample you pick out in a showroom.

It’s similar to how different the paint colour you chose with such care from a small swatch can be a disappointment once it’s applied to the walls of your home. Except when it comes to tile, there are a few more factors at play.

At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, we understand that beautiful bath designs don’t just “happen.” They are the result of careful planning and execution.

Design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
“Recently, my clients selected a tile for their new shower based on a sample we had in the showroom,” explains Monarch designer Janet Dawson. “As with most of the marble and granite samples we have on hand, there is a warning from the manufacturer explaining that each tile may have a slightly different shading.”

Making a major design decision based on the appearance of a small sample tile can be difficult. When you book your kitchen or bath design with Monarch, we offer you the ability to pre-order a box of tile to see if it lives up to your expectations -- before placing an order for the entire amount. It might take a little longer in your design process, but it's the best way to see what you're getting before installation.

“When the tile they ordered arrived, we noticed that the veining in the tiles was going in different directions…each tile had either vertical veining or horizontal veining,” says Janet. “Although the tiles had a somewhat different pattern, they were all variations of the same colour palate. Understandably, my clients were not happy with what may have turned out to be a haphazard design and wanted all of the tile veining to be displayed in the same direction.”

“By ordering a box of tiles before the renovation was in full swing, I was able to meet with my clients and lay out the tile so they could better envision the finished product and get exactly what they wanted,” says Janet. (Finished shower pictured above.)

Are you planning a new kitchen or bath design this year? Drop by the Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre showroom today and speak with a member of our design team. We’d love to help make your design dreams a reality.