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October 24, 2013

Stay in Your Home Longer with an In-Home Elevator

Aging in place – the ability to live in one’s own home safely, independently and comfortably – has become an increasingly hot topic among homeowners over the past decade.

Baby boomers who have struggled to find a place for their aging loved ones to live safely are realizing that planning ahead for their own retirement and future health challenges is a priority. For many, the planning has changed from downsizing or moving into a seniors’ complex, to aging in place in order to stay safely in their home longer.

And why not? If you consider the amount of time, money and love homeowners put into their homes over the course of their lifetime, doesn’t it makes sense to further invest in adapting your living space instead of planning a big move?

As we age, navigating stairs become one of the biggest hindrances to aging in place. And while chair lifts are a viable solution, residential elevators are fast becoming a popular choice in the homes able to accommodate them.

If adding an elevator to your home seems like an outrageous expense, consider the cost and stress involved in finding a new home and the stress and expense of the move itself.

At Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre, aging in place is a topic we all hold dear to our hearts. Having the ability to make our clients’ home function for them regardless of their age and physical abilities is something each member of our design team strives for.

From something as simple as installing grab bars during a bath renovation to arranging for a design and renovation to include an elevator, Monarch is able to help you in all of your home renovation needs. Our goal is to help our clients stay in their home as long as they are comfortable.

To learn more, call Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre today at 905-686-2001 to discuss your design and renovation needs.