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September 6, 2013

The Beauty of Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Despite the abundance of flooring options available to homeowners, wood floors continue to be a top choice.

Colour -- the prime consideration when choosing the right floor for a room in the past -- has been replaced by texture, and is now the driving force behind consumers’ wood flooring selections.

Over the past few years, hand scraped wood flooring has gained popularity across North America, where homeowners are choosing the distressed look of barn wood, prominent knots or the natural sculptural and undulating lines of boards planed the old-fashioned way.

Unlike “distressed” wood – where the scraping is somewhat uniform – hand scraped hardwood varies from plank to plank, with the wood made to look as if it's gone through wear and tear. Active families, especially those with pets, are finding that hand scraped flooring is an ideal way to incorporate the beauty of hardwood into their home without the stress of constant maintenance.

“Our clients count on us to keep up with current offerings in the products we suggest for their homes,” says Monarch designer Marion Cuddie. “We are excited to be able to offer four colour choices of beautiful, Canadian-made, scraped red oak hardwood flooring from Superior Flooring.”

For more information on incorporating hand scraped hardwood into your new kitchen or bath design, drop by our showroom to view samples or call 905-686-2001.