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July 25, 2013

One Design Trend You May Not Have Seen Coming

Brushed Bronze handshower
by Moen
Brass. It’s showing up in an increasing number of design showrooms and making its way back into your home!

Never completely gone, brass designs have had a rougher, more patinated feel to it in the past few years. For 2013, however, interior designers are embracing the shine. From gleaming chandeliers that incorporate a mixture of metals and hang above your dining tables, to brushed bronze hardware for your kitchen and bath cabinetry, there’s no denying it: brass is back and here to stay.

Icon by Moen
Brushed Bronze
“I love the fact that most of the new finishes are polish-free,” says Monarch design Marion Cuddie. “If you are a traditionalist at heart, brass is a great way to honour the past with all the style and convenience of today.”

Brass Ring Knob
by Berenson
Savvy kitchen and bath manufacturers are fully aware of the stigma attached to the word “brass” and have found ways to ease consumers into including brass décor into their homes.

Ever fearful of furnishing their homes with the shiny polished brass that decorated their parents’ homes, consumers are now purchasing items with such descriptions as “antique bronze” and “brushed bronze.”

What’s old is new again! For more ideas on including brass into your kitchen or bath décor, drop by the Monarch showroom and speak with one of our designers.