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March 6, 2013

Reassurance, Honesty and Authenticity: Dupont Corian's Inspiration for their 2013 New Colour Countertops

In January, Dupont Corian® introduced nine new colour surfaces as part of their 2013 Corian collection. The new colours fall into three main colour trends: Raw, Interference, and Solidify.

“Corian is upping their game in the countertop market with the introduction of nine new colours that are inspired by today’s elemental trends, says Monarch designer Marion Cuddie. “My favourite in this new collection is Seafoam. With its barely there hint of azure under a detail of a frothy wave top, it would be a perfect compliment in a soothing spa en suite.”

From Dupont:

The Corian® Trends: RAW
Raw represents honest luxury, and the fresh hues that follow this trend embody comfort in a down-to-earth aesthetic that offers a respite from daily realities.  Here, organic, yet polished effects are blended to celebrate the natural world and emulate plant materials and other natural fibers that are encased in transparency. 

In the Corian® colors Whipped Cream and Seafoam, soft wheat, butters, lush and heritage greens are highlighted with optic tinted whites, metallic and pearl effects that echo natural surroundings. Colors work together in gradients, reflecting nature’s variation, offering a retreat into the woods, an escape into the environment.

The Corian® Trends: INTERFERENCE
Interference explores the lure of semi-precious stones, with a feeling of sparkle and glamour, yet with an understated opulence that conveys mystical and organic luxury.  Bronze is a key metallic shade and when juxtaposed with subtle finishes and earthy textures, reflects the warm tints of raw sienna and terra cotta. 

In the Corian® colors Pebble and Desert, rich warm browns that lend an aura of comfort to our surroundings are given a subtle shimmer and color variation. Rose marbles, granites with mica, copper and gold flakes are suspended in a semi-transparent focus. 

The Corian® Trends: SOLIDIFY
Solidify was inspired by global climatic changes and how our high-tension atmosphere can create crystallized and frosted solids.  The cool tones of this trend are misted and sensorial, as melded metal and mirrored flecks are set within frosted solids for depth and dimension.  The surfaces are fractured and scattered fragments are fused, creating delicate and ethereal patterns that bring a softly opulent edge to these hard surfaces.   

In the Corian® colors Deep Sea and Luna WhiteStardust and Mineral, the smokiest of lilacs and blues allow space to focus after the dust has settled, bringing sophisticated aesthetics to the forefront.  Shadowy ripples with subtle movement enrich the inherent authenticity of Corian®.

To view samples of Corian’s 2013 colour collection, drop by the Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre showroom today -- 1020 Brock Rd., Unit 6, Pickering.  To speak with a member of our design team, call 905-686-2001.