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February 6, 2013

More Than Just a Soak in the Tub -- BainUltra’s Geysair™ Technology Revolutionizes Hydro-Thermo Massage

Tekura by BainUltra

As the pioneer and inventor of the air-jet bath, BainUltra knows a thing or two about relaxing in the tub. If you're searching for the ultimate bath experience, you'll want to pay close attention to their most recent technological innovation: the Geysair™ hydro-thermo massage.

Azur by BainUltra
Inspired by the therapeutic properties of hot thermal springs, Geysair™ surrounds you in a cocoon of warmth. Similar to the hot water that geysers shoot into the air, Geysair's air flow remains warm until it comes in contact with your skin. The result is a blissfully relaxing experience.

The operating principle behind Geysair is simple: it heats and humidifies the jets of air so they retain their warmth. Baths equipped with Geysair™ technology offer all the technical and therapeutic advantages that BainUltra is known for. And the Geysair system always remains impeccably hygienic.

Surrounded by water, air and warmth, you enjoy the full benefits of hydro-thermo massage.
  • Deeper massage from the epidermis down to the joints
  • A massage that comes closest to the feeling of a hands-on massage
  • A sensation of uniform warmth throughout the body
  • Overall relaxation of body and mind
  • Faster, longer-lasting muscle relaxation
  • Comfort experienced from the start of the hydro-thermo massage session
  • Enhanced absorption of minerals, essential oils, and other elements in the water
  • Lymphatic drainage improved
  • Skin more thoroughly cleansed
  • Hydro-thermo massage session lasting as long as the user wished since water temperature isn't a factor
To learn more about incorporating a thermo-massage bath into your new or current bath design, contact Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre today at 905-686-2001.