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January 18, 2013

Social Design: Melissa Foley's Favourite 2013 Design Trend

Pop-up Power Bar
The word "social" means so much more than it did 10 years ago.

In 2013, we can be social with the people around us but we can also communicate to people and companies worldwide thanks to the ever-increasing number of social media networks.

How does our desire to stay connected affect what we're looking for in a kitchen design? "At one time, a desk in a kitchen was a highlight and we were including them into almost every design," says Monarch designer Melissa Foley. "But as our devices have decreased in size...with the introduction of smaller laptops and tablets..the need for a dedicated desk has gone by the wayside.
LCD iPad Mount Holder
"Instead of a designated desk area, people are opting for communication stations, a place where they are able to charge their devices, or to sit, have a coffee and read the news on their device."

Richelieu Hardware, one of Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre's trusted partners, is just one of many kitchen suppliers who provide design solutions for the needs of today's consumer. Pop-up power bars, a common item in many office designs, are now being integrated into kitchen designs, as well. Tablet mounting brackets have also become popular.

"The open nature of a social design also encompasses the layout of the kitchen, so that there are sight lines, not only to the members of the family sharing the space, but to Smart TVs, too," adds Melissa. "There they can access the Internet, pulling up that fabulous recipe to cook for dinner!"

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