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September 21, 2012

Friday Flashback: Does Your Kitchen or Bath Look Like This?

While Monarch is usually in the habit of posting pictures from recently redesigned kitchen and bathrooms, we thought we'd post some photos of "newly designed" kitchen and bath renovations from years gone past.

A quick glance at these pictures and one thing becomes incredibly clear: from lighting and cabinetry to tile and technology, the kitchen and bath industry has grown rapidly over the past 25 years.

Today, homeowners enjoy a vast selection of stunning style options to suit every budget. Now, more than ever, your kitchen and bath designs can be a true reflection of who you are and respond to your needs for each space.

At Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre, we take pride in our ability to listen to your needs and ideas and work with you to create designs that are not only beautiful, but also make sense for your family in your daily life.

If your kitchen or bath still looks like this, it's time to UPDATE and RENOVATE!

What are you waiting for? Call Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre at 905-686-2001 or drop by our Pickering showroom today.