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July 25, 2012

BainUltra's Temazkal: Three Therapies, One Unit

Where do you go to relax at the end of a hectic day or a busy week?

BainUltra invites you to make your quest for wellness and relaxation a reality with one of their Insperience Bathroom systems, designed to help you create a private sanctuary within your home.

Temazkal®  by BainUltra
BainUltra's Temazkal® combines three unique therapy systems with the functions a traditional shower to create a soothing experience that's practically a mini-spa within itself.
Temazkal® features include:

  • diffuses essential oils into the air
  • soothes aching muscles
  • aides digestion
  • stimulates the immune, circulatory and nervous systems
  • enhances general well-being
  • uses dtry heat to raise your body temperature and naturally stimulate the beneficial process of perspiration
  • brings relaxation
  • creates energy and inspires a true feeling of well being
  • stimulates the metabolism
  • accelerates circulation
  • revives the skin
  • reduces stress
Light Therapy
  • uses intense light helps to synchronize your internal clock
  • revives your entire being
  • helps treat sleep-related disorders such as insomnia and jetlag
  • prevents moroseness and seasonal depression
  • stabilizes your biological clock
  • helps you recover from the fatigue of working nights 
Do more than just renovation your bathroom, design the oasis you deserve. To view BainUltra's Temazkal® shower and therapy system, drop by the Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre showroom today at 1020 Brock Road, Unit 6, Pickering.

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