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June 6, 2012

The Hidden Terrors Discovered During Teardown

Monarch discovers black mould during
the teardown of a bathroom.
As is often the case, a home’s hidden secrets are revealed in the teardown process of a renovation.

“While doing a renovation in Pickering recently, we uncovered a case of black mould,” says Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre president Neil Samson.

The spores of black mould are both toxic and allergenic and cause a wide range of health problems, from cold-like symptoms to more severe respiratory and neurological disorders.”
The bathroom ceiling pictured here shows a fan that was not ducted to the outside for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence in some of the older homes in this area. As a result of the poor ventilation in this bathroom, black mould developed.

“Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is discovery is that there was no indication of the mould forming prior to removing the drywall,” explains Neil. “The mould was completely hidden behind the insulation in the air space between the insulation and the plywood. This is typical in flat roof design. Had this black mould spread throughout the entire home, not only would the homeowners’ health have been comprised, but they could have been faced with replacing their entire roof – a $40,000 to $50,000 job.”

Fortunately for this homeowner, the Monarch team has had formal training on mould abatement and immediately took the appropriate measures to make the home safe, healthy and stress-free.