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April 2, 2012

Walk-in Showers: Sarah's Favourite 2012 Bath Design Trend

Sleek and elegant, the walk-in shower is designer Sarah Overholt’s favourite bath design trend.

Often home to an elaborate, spa-like shower system, today’s walk-in showers can give an airy open feel to a large bathroom or keep a small bathroom from looking cramped.

“The walk-in shower is becoming a very important design feature in bathrooms where homeowners are searching for a 'spa-like' feel," says Sarah. "Where all aspects of the bathroom are open and flowing."

Walk-in shower -- Bath design by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
“There are many reasons why homeowners choose walk-in showers when redesigning their bathroom. For example, when you are looking to have open access to your shower, you can create a shower designs to incorporate many modern conveniences and contemporary looks suitable for a variety of bathroom décor,” explains Sarah. “And because walk-in showers are generally larger, you can also have a dry zone near your walk-out area. This is a great spot for adding teak benches and towel hooks.”

In this video, the designer of the 2011 NKBA Best Bathroom showcases an extravagant example of how seamlessly walk-in showers can be incorporated into a bathroom.