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January 4, 2012

Open Concept Kitchens: Kate's Favourite 2012 Design Trend

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Natural Leaves Panel
"When you are designing your new kitchen this year, why not add an exciting design element that is becoming very popular in the kitchen design industry?" asks Monarch designer Kate Beranger. "Open concept kitchens have had a stronghold on the industry for many years. The latest trend takes open concept to the next level by adding open cabinets to your new kitchen design."

"Eliminating some of the upper doors from your cabinetry can open up your kitchen to an airy feel. This will also brighten the overall look of your new space, and give you an elegant place to display some of the beautiful items that are so often hidden behind closed doors."
Zito (Autumn) Panel

"If removing all of the doors in your kitchen is just too out of the box for you, try highlighting some areas with the open-concept look instead—or add transparent materials to your new kitchen with glass inserts for your doors," says Kate. "Make the glass inserts even more interesting by using different materials such as frosted glass, water glass, plexiglass materials containing fabrics or even natural products like leaves and reeds...or perhaps take a tip from the old world and add leaded glass features to your space."

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