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October 19, 2011

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint During Waste Reduction Week, October 17th to 23rd

As an active member and proud supporter of Durham Sustain Ability's initiative EcoBusiness, Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre encourages you to take the first step in reducing your ecological footprint during Waste Reduction Week (WRW).

"We buy a wastebasket and take it home in a plastic bag. Then we take the wastebasket out of the bag and put the bag in the wastebasket."
                                                                  ~ Lily Tomlin

Organized in Canada by a coalition of non-government and not-for-profit environment groups from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions, Waste Reduction Week is intended to raise public consciousness about waste and its environmental and social ramifications. The goal of the week-long program encourages people to get involved and act now to sustain our planet for future generations. 

From WRW's Business Resource Kit (downloadable here):
What can you do? Everything! Waste reduction starts with every individual, every business, taking responsibility for their consumption and waste. By following the hierarchy of the three Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) you can make a significant impact.
Visit the Waste Reduction Week website at for a list of resources that can help you perform a business waste audit, assessment of your community and more!