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September 29, 2011

The Waterstone Collection™ by Cambria -- now at Monarch

Drop by the Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Pickering showroom to view The Waterstone Collection -- the latest collection of countertop colours and styles from Cambria.

Visit to view The Waterstone Collection™ swatches in detail.
"Influenced by the natural movement of water over stone, these trendsetting looks capture the unpredictability of flowing water. The range of neutral and vibrant tones are reminiscent of granite and marble, yet offer the benefits of Cambria, such as strength greater than granite or marble and its maintenance-free, non-porous surface."

Each new colour is named after locations in Wales and England.

For example, Buckingham™--named after the home of the British monarchy--was chosen because the colour is rich and versatile with spots of brown, gold and gray.

Torquay™ on the other hand, has a posh, continental feel similar to the town it was named after and its pure milky colour is complemented by swirls of gray and tan.

To view the entire collection, visit Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre today.