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September 15, 2011

Giving Back to the Community with Habitat for Humanity

A proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity for many years, the Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre team is always left more inspired than ever when they come into the office--as they did last week--for a presentation.

A non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged individuals through home ownership, Habitat for Humanity is committed to helping low-income families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. 

How can you help? If you're planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, give Habitat for Humanity a call before tear down begins. Their volunteers will remove your old kitchen cabinets, appliances or bathroom fixtures at no-charge and issue you a tax deductible receipt for the value of your donation.

"I feel Habitat for Humanity is such an important entity to have in the community because they help families achieve goals that they would otherwise not be able to achieve on their own," says Amanda Willson-Suppa of Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre. "Each family who is granted a Habitat for Humanity home not only pays a mortgage on the home that is structured to their income, but they also help build their own home, giving them a sense of accomplishment and ownership. If you are contemplating a renovation and are updating items in your home that are still perfectly functional...think about donating them to Habitat for Humanity."