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May 27, 2011

Achieving Balance Through Rituals: The Secret to this Durham Kitchen Design Firm's Success

While perusing BainUltra's website recently, Monarch designer Marion Cuddie discovered some thought-provoking information on wellness and how best to achieve balance in our lives. One item she found particularly relevant involves rituals--their goals and effects.

Rituals can be defined as organized ceremonies that involve predetermined actions, the manipulation of objects, or interior practices designed to effect certain results. During rituals, participants direct their energy toward a defined goal.

"This got me thinking about Monarch's commitment to our weekly production/design meeting," says Marion. "Although we all feed off one another in the creation of the perfect solution to the design challenges we are given--and have an open and ongoing communication with our crews and management--we really do benefit from the set and structured meeting each Wednesday."

And while BainUltra is undoubtedly referring to how the predictable, structured nature of rituals can be used to benefit one's physical and mental well-being, Marion believes Monarch's weekly meetings--their ritual--has played an integral part in Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre's success.

"Through our weekly meetings, we have an opportunity to collectively celebrate our successes and manage the challenges of our business," adds Marion. "We are able to stay on track, all of us with the common goal of creating an organization that services our clients in their homes with professionalism, sensitivity and creativity."