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April 21, 2011

Monarch's "Whole-Home" Makeover Nears Completion: Walls and Ceiling Primed, Hardwood and Stairs Installed

John and Cindy will soon be returning to their newly renovated Lawrence Park home.

“The drywall-joint taping, filling and sanding is complete. We always prime the walls and ceilings on every Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre project before the final skim coat of plaster,” says Monarch president Neil Samson. “This reveals any slight imperfections which will impact the end result. Small details make all the difference.”

“John and Cindy have chosen a traditional hardwood application in keeping with their century home,” says Monarch designer Sarah Overholt. “This involves installing raw kiln-dried material, sanding, filling, staining, sealing and applying two coats of urethane. Their other choices were prefinished or engineered hardwood. The floor will match with the solid oak staircase…and the results will be spectacular!”

Coming next week: we will be installing cabinets in this area, as well as trim, casings and fixtures.