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February 18, 2011

What is Neil Samson's Favourite Design Trend for 2011?

A great room by Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre
This Pickering "great room" is the new living room

A great room is a multi-purpose open-concept area that offers a warm and welcoming dimension to a home. Usually spacious and informal, it encourages interaction as family and friends are able to gather in a large, relaxed setting.
“While great rooms are certainly not new, it seems an increasing number of families are opting for more casual spaces in their homes,” says Neil Samson, Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre president. “Our clients are ridding themselves of the stuffy living rooms and separate dining rooms and bringing not only the spaces together but their families, as well.”

With the emphasis on comfort and relaxation, homeowners are encouraged to furnish their great rooms with low-maintenance comfortable items in sizes that fit the scale of the room. To help the room appear less cluttered, choose neutral colours and clean lines.

“Opening up the main floor of your home can help to bring about a more casual and comfortable family atmosphere. The kitchen is no longer a space that we try to hide but the centerpiece and heartbeat of our homes,” explains Neil. “It becomes a multifunctional room where everyone can gather--to cook, do homework, work in a home office, relax or entertain.”

“So why not open up your main floor to the 'great room' kind of atmosphere?”