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February 4, 2011

Bathroom Design Inspiration: Walk-In Shower Wet Rooms

Photo courtesy of Duravit
Looking for the ultimate way to add the luxury of a spa to your bathroom?

Discover the latest European design trend now making a mark in North America: the walk-in shower wet room.

Walk-in shower wet rooms are bathrooms designed to function as full-room showers. With minimal use of materials, the bathing area is not segregated from the rest of the room by walls, enclosed stalls or even lips to step over. Instead, the shower is level with the rest of the floor, making the entire bathroom area easy to access and clean.

Ideal for North America's aging population, this open-concept shower experience can be made even more user-friendly and address accessibility and mobility issues with the installation of benches and handrails. In keeping with its sleek, modern design, toilet screens or separators are usually transparent and the entire bathroom area is intended to operate as a single space.