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October 14, 2010

High-end Kitchen Design for Less

Are you worried about getting the look you want while keeping your kitchen design budget in check?

Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre is pleased to carry the Laurier Lite collection, a line of stunning cabinet designs from Cuisines Laurier. Assembling their most popular cabinet colours and styles, Cuisines Laurier has created a cabinetry collection that puts a spectacular, high-end kitchen design within your reach.

Known as one of the finest custom cabinetry manufacturer in North America, Cuisines Laurier offers an amazingly diversified selection of door styles, wood species, colors and specialty finishes. To learn more, click here or watch Cuisines Laurier's video below.

Visit Monarch Kitchen and Bath Centre today and discover why designers from all over North America choose Cuisines Laurier for its extended flexibility and its capacity to deliver the most detailed projects.